‘Judith’s acupuncture and advice has helped me immensely through a tough diagnosis of unexplained infertility, and then on to having IVF treatment. Over the past year she has helped me to worry less, and focus more on the important issues. It was definitely with Judith’s help that I was able to go through the IVF process with minimal stress and side-effects – and we are now expecting our much longed-for baby! We really can’t thank Judith enough.’

‘Judith Elliott is a dedicated acupuncturist who is highly skilled in fertility and general wellbeing. She provides a very personal service which is unique to your symptoms.
I have had a range of fertility problems over 12 years and Judith has treated me over this time to successfully become pregnant and become a mother. A dream I thought would never become true.
Judith solved my amenorrhea from polycystic ovaries, and after the acupuncture, I started having a monthly cycle for the first time in many years. She also gave me dietary advice to supplement my health. Her work in specialist fertility acupuncture worked hand in hand with my IVF and ICSI.  I will be wanting another child and will be asking Judith for more treatment to support this alongside my IVF.’
(NB Since this was written, the author has conceived again, using IVF and acupuncture.)

‘This note is terribly late in coming and for that I am really sorry. I wanted to first and foremost thank you so much for all you did for me…I am totally convinced that without you, I would not now be writing this whilst looking at my beautiful 8 week old daughter. She is an absolute joy to me and the final stage in what has been a very hard and traumatic few years. I can remember my first visit to you following the recommendation of my friend. I was tired and broken both physically and mentally, and you helped me back on the right track, so thank you.’

‘I originally went to Judith with osteoarthritis in my knees.  She has helped me so much and I am virtually pain free now and have much more mobility in them. She has also helped my ‘hot flushes’ which are now more under control. I very much enjoy acupuncture; I find it so relaxing and it has helped my general wellbeing. Judith is a very kind, professional lady and she is able to offer advice on most health issues. I would thoroughly recommend her.’

‘I have been a regular client of Judith’s for nearly 11 years. Acupuncture and Judith’s specific approach has helped me on many levels from treating specific medical conditions to helping my general health and wellbeing. I have always suffered with unbalanced hormones, monthly migraines, irregular periods and endometriosis. After years of doctor’s prescriptions or complete refusal to help, I use regular acupuncture to relieve all of these symptoms. This is not just an ‘alternative medicine’ for me, it is my treatment of choice.’

‘I went to see Judith for treatment during IVF. She was very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about fertility and assisted conception. Acupuncture with Judith always made me feel better, both physically and mentally. She was very kind and supportive during my IVF cycle and I would definitely recommend Judith to anyone considering acupuncture’

‘I have been seeing Judith for acupuncture since March 2012 both for fertility reasons and relaxation, and really look forward to every appointment.
Judith is a wonderful lady who has a wealth of knowledge and advice for us girls who are trying for babies.
Judith has really helped me get back on the right track and quite a few steps closer to my goal of having a baby. I look forward to every appointment as I find that acupuncture is not only helping me with fertility, but it really helps me relax and unwind, and makes me feel completely balanced.
I would definitely recommend Judith to anyone, she’s fantastic.’

‘Had blood test today and got BFP!! We’re pregnant! So overjoyed.
Thx u so much 4 everything Judy. I can’t ever imagine it would have been possible without your support, knowledge and emotional understanding.’

‘I had worked in the same clinic as Judith for a few years and never considered having acupuncture. One day I had a splitting headache and Judith offered me a treatment. After a few minutes my headache disappeared; I was amazed!
After that I started regular treatment, and told Judith about a terrifying nightmare I kept having, that I had died in childbirth, which was preventing me wanting to conceive. After having regular treatments, I felt like a weight had been lifted, and my nightmare went away. A few months down the line I felt strong enough (with Judith’s support) to start a family. I had treatment every month just before I ovulated and about 8 months later I was pregnant!
I carried on having treatment throughout the pregnancy and I feel it kept me calm. It also helped with carpal tunnel syndrome that I was experiencing due to the pregnancy hormones.
We are now a very happy family with a beautiful daughter, and I often think that if I hadn’t had that headache, I would never have given acupuncture a go, and I would probably have a very different life. Acupuncture and Judith changed my life, and made me strong enough to have the family I longed for. What an amazing journey.’

‘I had lived through the nightmare of a continuous severe headache for over two years when I first consulted Judith. She proved to be knowledgeable, professional, non-judgemental and compassionate. She was always totally interested in me and my progress and my sessions with her were not only therapeutic in terms of my pain but also gave me hope. I’m delighted to say that I am now pain free. I have continued to consult her since then and she helps me stay balanced and well.’

‘I’ve always loved facials and read about Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture in a magazine. I’d read about how good the results were but was genuinely surprised at the instant effect. My skin was plumped up, my usual pallor was now a rosy glow, and, even better, the results lasted much longer than an ordinary facial. I also find the treatment very calming and relaxing and have continued having the treatment for the past few years.’

‘When I first met Judith I was interested in finding a cure for my terrible migraine headaches. I had had a big change in my life; relationship ended, peri-menopause began and I was not in a good place. A friend recommended me to Judith and after the first session I went to bed and slept for hours – it was incredible.
Since then Judith has become my saviour and friend; she keeps me feeling well. Acupuncture works for me, and I cannot stress enough how well it really does work.
For me the biggest win from this amazing treatment, is the relief of migraine pain. If you have experienced anything that debilitates you, and affects your life, and you want to be able to manage it completely without drugs, Judith is the lady you need to talk to.
Judith is calm, professional and incredibly knowledgeable; she treats her patients holistically and with genuine care.’

‘Acupuncture has proved hugely beneficial for me.
During my first pregnancy, I suffered from pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure. A traumatic birth experience and an epidural that failed to work properly led to complications with my bladder, in the form of bladder retention, for several weeks after giving birth to my first son. Although delighted at becoming a mum to such a healthy and gorgeous baby boy, the post birth experience left me traumatised and unsure about ever having any more children again!
When our son was about two, we decided it would be great for him to have a sibling, but after several months of trying to conceive, I started to feel stressed that nothing was happening. My husband and I so wanted to have another baby but for me, the thought of going through another difficult pregnancy with the possibility of the same frightening post-natal problem occurring again, left me feeling concerned about becoming pregnant. A subsequent early miscarriage later brought on feelings of anxiety and despair. All my friends were having ‘second’ children. Why wasn’t I?
It was around this time that I read that acupuncture could help with certain anxiety states as well as fertility, so I booked an appointment at my local gym. Just talking about what I’d been through seemed to help. Within about five weeks of acupuncture treatment I began to feel noticeably different – far less anxious and a lot more relaxed.
I continued to have regular acupuncture sessions and within five months I fell pregnant again. My husband and I were thrilled!
The acupuncture points Judith used on me during my very healthy pregnancy ensured that my blood pressure and anxiety levels remained on an even keel, my bladder remained healthy and most importantly, my unborn baby was as happy and as healthy as could possibly be.
After a healthy and stress-free pregnancy, I gave birth naturally and without the need for painkillers, ( just lavender oil to keep me calm!), three days before my due date in August 2008 to a very healthy, lively and beautiful second son!
Later that day, the staff on the maternity ward couldn’t believe I’d just given birth as they said I looked amazing – so spritely and glowing with health. I think it was all the acupuncture!’
Happy mum of two boys, West Berkshire.

‘Thanks for looking after me so well and helping to make my biggest wish come true! Thanks for listening to me over the years, your valuable advice and helping us to have another beautiful long-wished-for child.’

‘Thank you so much for helping our little miracle happen.’

‘Thank you for all your help and support. This is the miracle I was waiting for.’